Playbill’s Seth Rudetsky had a recent conversation with former Queen manager John Reid and revealed untold stories about Freddie Mercury.

Seth revealed a real story about how the Queen members played Bohemian Rhapsody to another legend, Elton John.

Here is the story from the article:

“Queen had recorded a song that really didn’t fit into any genre and was super-long. John brought it home to play for Elton (he and Elton were also a couple) and Elton said “Are you f-ing crazy? You’ll never get this played on the radio!”

There was a lot of debate amongst the band and the record company about whether the song was ready to be released; should it be edited? And if so, where should it edited?

John was basically having none of it. He thought it was amazing the way it was and he told the engineers to just press the record as is. They pressed it, DJ Kenny Everett played it and hence the song we know and love is almost six minutes long!”

You can watch the Bohemian Rhapsody below:

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