One of the most talented musicians of the century and 3M plus followed the Instagram phenomenon, Sir Elton John, has posted a recent photo on her verified page and shared his ideas about Rina Sawayama’s not being nominated to Mercury Award this year.

The whole music industry and especially the community in the United Kingdom has shaken with the news that British-Japanese artist Rina Sawanaya will not be able to enter ‘British Awards’ and ‘Mercury Award’ this year, just because ‘he’s not British enough’ to be eligible for the ceremony.

After Rina Sawayama has posted a long letter that was liked by Wolfgang Van Halen and other legendary stars, and many fans went to the BPI Music’s official account to show their support to Rina.

Sir Elton John could not stay silent to the issue and penned a strong letter to support Rina, and also to warn BPI Music to change their decision as soon as possible.

Here is what he said:

“I’m happy to hear that the ‘BPI Music’ is reviewing the rules that led to Rina Sawayama’s well-deserved album being snubbed from this year’s Mercury Prize list of nominees.

Rina has lived in Britain for 25 years with the right of a UK permanent residency. Her talents have been shaped by a cross-cultural mix of musical influences and Britain is a richer place with her creating music here. We need to recognize artists like Rina because they reflect the beautifully diverse world we all share.”

You can see the recent Instagram post of Elton John right below.