Victoria Beckham recently shared a post on her official Instagram page announcing a brand new collaboration with iconic Sir Elton John for World AIDS Day and apparently they created a T-shirt featured a signed polaroid of Elton during the 1974 US Tour.

As you may know, Elton John already has an AIDS foundation which was established in 1992, and their mission is to be a powerful force to end the AIDS epidemic.

Here is what John previously stated about AIDS:

“If we can find the love as a global community to agree that every life has equal value if we can summon the compassion to provide treatment and prevention for everyone living with HIV – and I mean everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, or how rich or poor they maybe – we can end AIDS forever.”

Recently, singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham shared a post on her official Instagram page announcing they she and Elton John collaborated for World AIDS Day. The duo created a T-shirt with a signed polaroid of Elton from his 1974 US tour. Beckham also stated that half of the income from sales will be donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Here is what Victoria Beckham wrote in the caption of her post:

“So proud to have created a special T-shirt in support of World AIDS Day this year (which is on 1st December), in collaboration with Elton John AIDS Foundation and my dear friends Elton John and David Furnish. The T-shirt features an iconic signed polaroid of Elton, taken during his 1974 US tour, such a positive, strong image!

50% of all sales of this T-shirt go straight to Elton John AIDS Foundation, to continue funding their incredible work. x vb”

You can see the Instagram post below.