The Beatles’ late frontman John Lennon‘s official Instagram page shared an old picture of Lennon and the legendary musician Elton John and revealed a rare interview that the two talked about each other while promoting a box set of ‘Gimme Some Truth’ for Christmas.

As you may know, the music legends John Lennon and Elton John first met in the 70s and the two remained close up until Lennon’s death. They spent a lot of time together over the years, especially when Elton played on the song called ‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’ from Lennon’s fifth album, ‘Wall and Bridges.’

Additionally, John Lennon guest-starred along with Elton John at his iconic concert in Madison Square Garden in November 1974, and they performed the song together.

Recently, the official Instagram page dedicated to John Lennon announced the launch of a box set for Christmas of ‘Gimme Some Truth’ including two CDs, a book, and a Blu-Ray with HD audio remixes.

In addition to the announcement, they also shared an old black&white picture of Elton John and John Lennon while they were working together. In the caption of the post, a rare interview of the two sharing their opinions about each other is also revealed.

According to the interview, the iconic musicians had huge respect for each other. Apparently, when Lennon first heard Elton John, he thought of Elton as the first new thing that happened since The Beatles.

Here is what John Lennon’s Instagram page revealed:

“Whatever Gets You Thru The Night.⠀
Get Gimme Some Truth. Box Sets for Xmas! ⠀
John: I remember hearing Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ in America. It was one of Elton’s first big hits. And I remember thinking, ‘Great! That’s the first new thing that’s happened since we happened.’ It was a step forward.⠀

There was something about his vocals that was an improvement on all of the English vocals until then. I was pleased with it. And I was pleased with Bowie’s thing and I hadn’t even heard him. I just got this feeling from the image and the projections that were coming out of England of him. You could feel it.”

The caption continued by Elton John’s comments on Lennon:

“Elton John: In New York, we stayed at the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue. John Lennon was in the suite above mine and called down. He wanted to play us the rough mixes of his new album. Moreover, he wanted me to play on two of the songs, ‘Surprise Surprise’ and ‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’. The second track sounded like a hit, even more so a couple of nights later when we went to the Record Plant East studio, just off Times Square. ⠀

John: Elton popped in on the session for ‘Walls and Bridges’ and played piano and ended up singing ‘Whatever Gets You Thru the Night’ with me, which was a great shot in the arm. I’d done three-quarters of it, ‘Now what do we do? Should we put a camel on it or a xylophone?’ And he came in and said, ‘Hey, I’ll play some piano!’”⠀

You can see the Instagram post below.