Mark Jansen spoke in an interview with From Hero To Zero and talked about his own standards of living. Also Jansen was asked about a recent statement from Gene Simmons on having no interest in producing a new KISS album. He said:

“Yeah, I noticed that these old bands, they are still pretty pissed about how [the industry] developed, and I sometimes have to laugh a little bit about it. ‘Cause they are used to that standard of millions of CDs getting sold and being able to have a house with a big pool. We grew up in another era where CD sales were already not that high anymore, so we are used to be not millionaires. [Laughs]

So then it’s easier to be happy with what we have, rather than when you come from [the top] and then suddenly [see your record sales drop dramatically]. But there’s quite some bands from the past that are still complaining about this.

I think you have to look at the bright side. We can tour, we can live from our music, even though we’re not millionaires. We do whatever we wish for doing — it’s our dream — so we look always at the bright side of [things].”

You can watch entire interview from below.