The daughter of the British rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton has confessed that she’s super grateful, proud, and happy to have such a father whose good deeds compete with his massive talent while re-watching the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019.

As you might recall, one of the world’s all-time greatest guitarists, Eric Clapton, organized the fifth installment of the Crossroads Guitar Festival last year. The Festival, which has become legendary in its own right for hosting performances and impromptu collaborations from the world’s most legendary guitar players, took place on September 20 – 21, 2020, in Dallas Texas.

Clapton, who gathered the past, present, and future of guitar music onto one stage with this special initiation, raised money for The Crossroads Centre in Antigua, a treatment and education facility founded by Clapton for chemically dependent persons, through this event.

The British legend welcomed some remarkable musicians as Alan Darby, Albert Lee, Billy Gibbons, James Burton, John Mayer, and Joe Walsh in the festival which featured two-nights of musical performances last year.

Quite talented singer and blogger, Ruth Clapton, has recently watched the spectacular show one more time and come up on Twitter with a confession about her father. She admitted that she’s extremely proud of him while looking back on the glorious event.

Here’s what Ruth Clapton said in her latest tweet:

“Watching ‘Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019‘ and feeling super grateful, proud, and happy.”

You can see the tweet and Eric Clapton’s ‘Badge’ performance from the festival last year below.