One of the world’s best guitar players Eric Clapton‘s daughter Ruth Clapton shared a post on her official Twitter page agreeing with a tweet by the hip hop artist Akala about the inconsistency of governments’ attitude and precautions towards COVID-19.

Due to the increasing patient number because of coronavirus, governments take different approaches towards COVID-19. While some simply say ‘stay safe’ by warning the public about wearing a mask, keeping the social distance, and caring about personal hygiene, some apply strict rules, like a lockdown, in order to stop the virus from spreading.

While lockdowns are quite effective when it comes to keeping coronavirus from contaminating, a lockdown also affects the economy and basically stops daily life.

Thus, society is divided into two, those who think the precautions are too far and while they destroy the economy and the income, also threaten the mental health and people should do as they please knowing the risk and without restrictions.

Also, those who stress the importance of ICU bed availability in the hospitals and the importance of a lockdown in order to keep hospitals available, while explaining that a lockdown is not a solution for good, yet a temporary and effective one.

Since nearly everyday governments take a different approach and try a new solution towards coronavirus, hip hop artist Akala shared a post on his official Twitter page expressing his confusion about the governments’ moving.

Here is what he said:

“I’m no medical expert – far far from it – but none of the way the govts moving seems logical, consistent, or proportional to me. Can someone make it make sense?”

Being politically vocal on her social media accounts, Ruth Clapton shared a post on her official Twitter page about Akala‘s post and stated that she agrees with the fact that governments move inconsistently and unlogical.

Here is what she said:

“Couldn’t agree with this more!”

You can see the Twitter post below.