Iconic guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton, took to her official Twitter account to share her reaction about one of the interesting things that happened in the United States’ vice-presidential debates.

During the debate, a fly landed on the head of Mike Pence, and it stayed there for so long that nobody could miss it. Afterward, social media blew up due to this event and everybody started to make humor about this incident.

One of the people who wanted to joke about this subject was the famous Canadian actor Daniel Levy. He stated that this fly needs a SAG Award after this incredible performance.

Furthermore, Ruth seemed like had so much fun about this joke that she couldn’t hide her reaction. Ruth just simply said that she is dead after seeing this and showed how much she laughs at this brilliant joke.

Here is what Daniel Levy wrote:

“Give that fly a SAG Award.”

Ruth Clapton replied:

“Dead. 😂”

You can check out the tweets below.