One of the most talented guitarists of the century and also three times inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Eric Clapton, has posted a recent video on his official Instagram page and excited the fans with his latest announcement.

Eric Clapton has unveiled the news that they’ve remastered the original version of ‘Lethal Weapon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ and they will release the remastered version of the vinyl soon. Fans would buy the album by visiting the web site of Record Store Day.

Lethal Weapon is an iconic American cop action movie that was released in 1987. The movie was directed by Richard Donner and produced by Joel Silver. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were the leading actors of the movie and the soundtrack of the movie has been made by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen.

Here is what Eric Clapton wrote in the caption of the video:

“This Saturday, Oct. 24th is Record Store Day drop #3! Be on the lookout for the Lethal Weapon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

The original 1987 soundtrack is newly remastered for vinyl. Composed and performed by Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen, and David Sanborn, featuring Eric Clapton on guitar on 9 tracks. For more information, visit #RSD20 #RSDDrops”

After he has shared the post, a fan named Jacob T. has made the most-liked comment under the post:

Clapton is god.”

Another Clapton fan named Delize responded:

“No dear, he’s not.”

Jacob T. insisted:

Yes dear, he is. And Jimmy Page is Jesus.”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Eric Clapton below.