Toto’s legendary guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in the recent interview with Tone Talk and talked about the time when he was on the rehearsal with another legendary guitarist, Eric Clapton.

In the conversation, Steve mentioned that he worked with Eric Clapton for the ‘Forever Man’ album and revealed one of the most interesting memories he had with Eric during the rehearsal.

Steve stated that Eric grabbed his fingers while he was walking into the room and said that he is going to feel Steve’s fingers. Steve described his feelings by saying he got really starstruck after this weird moment they had.

Furthermore, Steve touched upon the fact that he couldn’t be in this position if he couldn’t listen to the guitarist like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, and more. In this way, Steve paid his respect to the other legendary guitar players.

Here is what Steve Lukather said:

“Yeah, I talked my way onto the sessions for ‘Forever Man’ and something else on that record. I wanted to meet him. I said he didn’t me – what does Eric Clapton need me for?

And it was the only time I got really starstruck. I would go, ‘Fucking Eric Clapton…’ And he grabs my fingers as I’m walking into the fucking room – he goes, ‘I’m going to feel your fingers, man!’

God, it’s Eric Clapton… How many times I had to lift up the needle trying to learn how to play ‘Crossroads’ and shit. And it freaked me out, kind of like I could hardly play.”

He added:

“It was like one of those sessions, like, ‘Fuck, man, god…’ But he was so nice, and I saw him last year with Ringo in Japan – and he was great.

Without Eric and Jeff Beck and Gilmour, who was really a big influence on me – I love David Gilmour – and Jimmy Page, George Harrison – I would be nothing. That was it, this was the holy grail until I grew up and found about fusion music.”

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