Eric Clapton is mentioned by his private life as frequently as his successful music career. The guitarist has a long history of controversies regarding his questionable statements and stormy personal life. Although not every one of the mistakes he made wasn’t his fault and was partially caused by his substance addiction, the rocker still received a great deal of criticism over his private life.

Still, there was a time when the musician was deeply in pain regardless of his wrong actions toward his former wife, Pattie Boyd. His desire to get her back got to the point that he fell for an alleged witch’s offer that included bizarre rituals. Let’s take a look at this unique story that caused quite the trouble for Clapton to see what he was willing to do for his love.

Eric Clapton Had A Relationship With Pattie Boyd

Eric Clapton had a close friendship with all the Beatles members after meeting the band for the first time back in December 1964. Moreover, he had a close relationship with George Harrison, with whom he even worked together, such as for the Beatles song, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ that they performed live over the years.

Their close relationship was put to the test when Clapton fell for Harrison’s then-wife Pattie Boyd. Surprisingly, their friendship was never harmed by the fact that Clapton married Boyd after she divorced Harrison. In fact, the former Beatle once even made fun of this situation by saying that they shared the same wife.

What started as a fairy tale for Clapton, who was head over heels for Boyd, ended with a disaster when the musician confessed to having an affair with Italian model Lory Del Santo and getting her pregnant. The couple divorced in 1989 when Boyd found out about his unfaithfulness in addition to his abusive behavior while they were married.

Eric Clapton Was Tricked By A Witch

After his relationship with Pattie Boyd ended, Eric Clapton was in the wrong place both emotionally and psychologically. Suprisiginly enough, the musician got a phone call one day from a mystery lady with a European accent as he penned in his book. This woman knew everything about his private life and offered Clapton to bring Boyd back with him by a series of rituals.

Clapton was intrigued by the woman who claimed to be a psychic and witch. Because he had nothing to lose, the musician listened to the mystery lady who told him to take baths for hours, soaking in various herbs that stained his skin and left him looking like ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon.’ On top of this, the rocker was told to recite mantras precisely at midnight. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, Clapton constantly cut his fingers to draw on a crucifix that featured his and Pattie’s names.

After following every step the alleged witch with asked him to do, Clapton called Boyd to see if they worked. As you might have expected, nothing came out of that conversation. As a result, the musician contacted the lady who told him that the spell could only work if they met and took it to the ‘next level.’ Clapton flew to New York to see the lady whom he described as a strange woman with bright red hair in the book before revealing that the lady asked him to have sex with a virgin to complete the spell.

While you may think Clapton instantly ran away after this request, he said he didn’t know where to find a virgin. Little did he know that this sorcerer was a virgin ready to have sex with him. Eventually, the musician agreed on ‘completing the ritual’ and returned home from New York.

After many months passed by, Eric Clapton realized what he had done hadn’t worked at all. Just as the musician had started to figure out that the magic was nonsense, he was called by the witch who was asking money to fly to Clapton. It got worse as time went by since the lady showed up to the places Clapton went. When the musician thought he got rid of the mysterious lady for good, he woke up to horrible news.

There were headlines everywhere alleging that Clapton impregnated a woman. Because he’s a famous musician who was used to seeing such rumors about himself, the rocker completely ignored these headlines, which eventually faded away. The rocker relapsed after this incident, and he entailed that period of his life in his book entitled ‘Clapton: The Autobiography.’