The daughter of the rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett, responded to a tweet about the common features anti-maskers had with those people who previously defended the Brexit.

As you might know, the 35-year-old daughter of Eric Clapton, Ruth is happily married to Dean Bartlett and the couple has two lovely children named Isaac and Theodore. Ruth has been working on his personal blog where she shared the insights of her personal life.

Recently on Twitter, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett responded to a tweet about the personal traits of anti-maskers. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a disagreement among many people about the issue of wearing masks. Even though the officials strongly recommend people to wear masks in public, there are still many people who consider this as a ‘fear propaganda.‘

Ruth reacted to a tweet by Reverend & The Makers stating:

“Been ruminating on why people of a certain age, mostly 50-65 seem to be so virulently anti-mask. I think they’re the generation who’ve had the best of everything, haven’t they? Many of them value their own liberty and own self more than other people’s safety.”

As a response, Ruth Clapton stated she actually agreed with the idea of people between 50 and 60 had the best of everything and now they cared about themselves more than other people. She also mentioned since their parents had to go to war, they were simply ‘anti doing anything.’

Here’s what Ruth Clapton-Bartlett stated in her tweet:

“Yeah, this is interesting. I wonder if because their parents had to go to war maybe they’re just so anti doing anything to make life better and easier for the majority, like they have the mentality of just take care of you’re own as a result of their parents having to go to war.”

Furthermore, Ruth claimed there was a connection between the anti-maskers and the people who voted for the Brexit and continued:

That might explain the Brexit vote too because I think a lot did it as a way of showing patriotism which is ridiculous because so many different ethnicities had to come together so we could win the war. My grandad came over from the Caribbean to join the RAF.”

You can see the tweets Ruth Clapton-Bartlett posted on her Twitter account below.