The daughter of rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has joined to the ‘Challenge Accepted‘ movement on Instagram showed her support to women empowerment.

The new Instagram trend ‘Challenge Accepted’ has emerged not long ago as a renewal of an old Instagram challenge from 2016 called the ‘Black and White Challenge.’ The purpose of the trend was to raise cancer awareness, however now, it has transformed to advocate female empowerment in general terms.

Along with countless women, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has posted a black and white picture of herself with a meaningful caption on Instagram. She drew attention to the importance and necessity of women’s empowering of each other. Clapton-Barlett explained that gender inequality is still a great issue in 2020 and there are lots of actions to be taken about it.

Here is what Ruth Clapton-Bartlett said on her post:

Challenge accepted. Thank you so much Sharon White and right back at you. Empowering women is so important and necessary still even in 2020.

Lots of work still to be done to make this earth equal for everyone but here are some ladies who keep me feeling empowered and inspired!”

You can see Clapton-Barlett’s Instagram post below.