The legendary rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton‘s daughter Ruth Clapton-Bartlett responded to a follower’s question wondering whether she was disturbed by people asking questions about her father or not.

The iconic guitarist Eric Clapton has a daughter named Ruth from his previous relationship with Yvonne Kelly. Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has been happily married to Dean Bartlett and the couple had two lovely sons, Isaac and Theodore. Eric’s 35-year-old daughter has been working on her personal blog for a while now.

On social media, Ruth often initiates short Q&A sessions with her fans and followers to answer the questions about her personal life as well as her relationship with her father. Recently, in one of these sessions on Instagram, a follower wanted to know if she was bothered by those people asking questions about her father, Eric Clapton.

Here’s what the Instagram follower asked:

“Do you mind people asking things about your father?”

As a response, Ruth mentioned her father was a very private person, and even though she wasn’t disturbed by the questions related to her father, she was trying to respect his personal boundaries.

Here’s how Ruth Clapton-Bartlett reacted to her fan’s question:

As long as it’s not too intrusive, he’s a very private person and I try to respect that as much as I can while still trying to maintain my own boundaries of what I would want to share with the world. Sometimes that’s a fine line.”

You can see the statement Ruth Clapton-Bartlett shared via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton-Bartlett – Instagram