Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton has made a Q&A session on her official Instagram Stories and answered almost every single question of the fans about her life, including her relationship with her father and her point of view to the music genres in the world.

As the whole industry knows, Eric Clapton is one of the most talented rock and blues guitarists of the whole history. Therefore his daughter’s interest in music is also a subject that fans are most curious about.

During a recent Q&A she conducted with her fans on Instagram, Ruth Clapton responded to several questions about her personal life and her relationship with her father. One of her fans wanted to learn more about the music genre Ruth liked the most.

However, Clapton stated that it would have been quite difficult to name every single genre of music she liked. Instead, she named the one music genre she had no interest in. Apparently, Ruth does not enjoy listening to heavy metal music or ‘hardcore things.’

While sharing her less-favorite genre, Ruth also answered another question asking whether she has ever done a track or a show with her father. Ruth recalled the show that she was on stage with her father at Madison Square Garden when she was just a 13-year-old kid.

A follower of Ruth asked this:

“What genre of music do you like?”

Here’s how Ruth Clapton answered:

“I can’t possibly answer this one. The most genre of music I like. So, it’s probably easier to go on what I don’t like. I am not a massive heavy-metal fan or like hardcore things.”

You can watch the latest Instagram Stories video of Ruth below.

Back in November, Ruth Clapton has shared yet another story on her Instagram Stories and stated that she’s a massive Taylor Swift fan. According to Ruth, Taylor helped her Ruth while she’s heartbroken during the self-quarantine.

Here is what she previously told about Taylor:

“Yes! Massive Taylor fan and I’m not sorry at all. This album got me through a really tough bit of lockdown actually so I’m super excited to watch this.”

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