Ruth Clapton has supported her father, Eric Clapton’s, arguments regarding the Covid-19 vaccination process and restrictions while replying to some of her followers’ tweets.

Some people, known as the anti-vaxxers, are vehemently opposed to being forced to get vaccinated, and some claim Eric Clapton also belongs to that community. Recently, he made it clear that he refuses to perform in venues requiring proof of vaccination from his fans. Clapton then stated that this is a type of discrimination, and he does not want to be a part of it.

Following his announcement, Eric Clapton was heavily criticized by many. However, he was not the only one who got affected. Clapton’s daughter Ruth also suffered from the consequences and felt overwhelmed. She even posted a tweet claiming she might be in her ‘Britney shaved head phase’ and worried her fans.

In her recent tweets following her response to Brian May’s criticism of her father, Ruth replied to some of her followers’ claims. At first, a follower tweeted to Ruth and said Clapton is ‘spouting anti-scientific gibberish’ and risks everyone’s life. Ruth then responded that her father is not arguing with science but claiming people should have freedom of choice. Following that, she noted that Clapton got vaccinated too.

The follower then supported their claims once again and stated that Clapton encourages people to impose their personal choice on everyone else. They also added that it’s selfish, anti-science garbage. Ruth then claimed this is not a selfish act and said it is people’s own choice if they are unsure.

Another follower also joined the conversation and told Ruth that Clapton has nothing to lose as he had the vaccine. The follower then said Clapton is obviously safe, and he just rants about people making a choice. Ruth responded to them and said her father just says vaccination should not be mandatory to have access to some places as it does not stop transmission.

Ruth Clapton’s tweet that started the conversation was:

He is not anti-vax, he’s anti-no-choice. Why is everyone so confused about this?!”

A follower then replied to this, saying:

“Because he’s spouting anti-scientific gibberish that risking harming everyone around him?”

Ruth then answered:

“He’s not arguing with the science, he’s saying people should be able to make a choice if they want to have it or not?! He’s even said he’s had the vaccine so he’s not arguing with science at all?!”

The follower continued:

“He’s arguing with science because he’s encouraging other people to impose their personal choice on everyone else around him. That’s what choosing not to be vaccinated means. It’s selfish, anti-science garbage and anyone supporting it should be ashamed.”

Ruth then replied:

“It’s not selfish to do what you think is right for you. I’ve had mine and I think it’s the right thing to do, but I know lots of people who aren’t having it because they’re very unsure of it. That’s their choice but I don’t think they should have to have it in order to go to a gig.”

Another follower also made a statement:

“Lol, he has had the vaccine so he obviously is safe. He only rants about people making a choice, he has nothing to lose.”

Ruth also replied to this tweet, saying:

“No, what he’s saying is it shouldn’t be mandatory for you to have it to go to stuff. It doesn’t stop transmission, it lessens the chances of you being hospitalized so why do you have it before you go to mass gatherings?!”

You can check out the tweets below.