The lovely daughter of one of the best blues guitarists of all time Eric Clapton and also a musician like her father, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett, has posted a recent photo on her official Instagram page to expose almost every single details of her day while trying to visit Beamish.

While describing why she was late to the Beamish because of the traffic on the road, she unveiled how she had to valet his car and mooched around town for a while. In this way, Ruth has managed to see how coronavirus affected homeless people in town.

Ruth also detailed how she’s helping the needed people and exposed that she normally prefers to donate food, rather than doing the easy one and give them money as most people do.

Here is what Ruth Clapton-Bartlett wrote on the photo she’s shared:

“Was supposed to be at Beamish this afternoon but the traffic was so bad on the A1M northbound that we had to turn back as we’d missed our entrance slot! Gutted! Literally was living for the bakery there this week!”

She continued:

“So I’ve ended up coming into Doncaster to get my car valeted as it was a hot mess inside and out! So I’ve mooched around town for an hour and it’s so sad, so many closed shops.

So many homeless people who are vulnerable and obviously struggling with the effects of the virus in that there’s less people around, less money to them or less food to be given to them which is what I normally do rather than money.”

You can check out the letter she’s written and the photo right below.

Photo Credit: Instagram Stories – Ruth Clapton-Bartlett