The daughter of the iconic rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton and also one of the most famous bloggers of our era, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett, has responded to the recently sent tweet today and shared the unforgettable memory with Ian Brown.

Ruth shared the story of how she met the legendary English singer and multi-instrumentalist, also the iconic member of Stone Roses, Ian Browns. According to Ruth, she was fangirling to Ian and maybe that’s the reason why they have been able to spend just a minute with him.

In case, Ian Brown is not an active social media user and not following any single person on his official Twitter account, he’s retweeting and liking the tweet of other users for a while. He released his latest studio album named ‘Ripples’ back in 2018 and it’s still available to buy, stream and download.

Ruth Clapton’s follower Reverend & The Makers wrote this:

“I hope Ian Browns alright wherever he is.”

Ruth Clapton responded:

“Same! Genuinely worried for him, he has really surprised me with this pandemic. Usually such a sound guy, I met him a while back and it was only for like a minute but I was literally fangirling hard and he was just so polite.

It has broken my heart a little bit tbh.”

Check out both tweets right below.