One of the most influential guitarists of all time Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton shared a post on her official Instagram stories revealing the song she was listening which was ‘All Things Muss Past’ by George Harrison with whom her father has quite a controversial past.

As you may know, Eric Clapton and The Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison became close friends in the ’60s, especially when they started to work together. However, by the end of the ’60s, Clapton had fallen madly in love with Pattie Boyd, who was the wife of Harrison.

A few years after Boyd and Harrison’s divorce, Eric Clapton got married to the love of his life, and the ex-wife of his best friend, Pattie. However, the couple got a divorce due to Clapton’s drinking problem and infidelity during their marriage.

Regardless of their complicated relationship, George Harrison remained friends with the two and even attended their wedding. Moreover, Harrison jokingly referred to himself as ‘the husband-in-law’ on occasion.

The daughter of Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton shared the song named ‘All Things Muss Past’ 2020 remix version by George Harrison on her official Instagram stories in honor of the anniversary of his death. As you may recall, on November 29, 2001, The Beatles star passed away at the age of 58.

In her recent post, Ruth praised Harrison’s music by stating that his songs are ageless which gets better as time passes. Fans enjoyed Ruth Clapton’s post honoring the iconic late musician despite the complicated past of his father and Harrison.

Here is what Clapton said:

“Some things just never age, they just sound better as time passes.”

You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram Stories