Iconic guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton shared several tweets regarding her ongoing exhaustion and revealed the reason why she had been feeling so low lately.

As you may recall, the legendary rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton has a daughter named Ruth from his previous short-term relationship with Yvonne Kelly. Ruth Clapton has been married to Dean Bartlett and the couple had two lovely sons, Isaac and Theodore.

Eric Clapton’s 35-year-old daughter Ruth has been working on her personal blog where she often writes about the insights of her life as a working mother. She also often takes her social media accounts to share personal opinions on various subjects, including the ongoing challenges we all faced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently on Twitter, Ruth Clapton posted some tweets related to her current mood and revealed she had been feeling so exhausted lately. Ruth mentioned that she was completely out of her usual routine of working out and eating healthy, yet she wanted to get back to it soon.

Here’s what Ruth stated in her latest tweet:

“Slept so well but still feel exhausted, not worked out in a week and also eaten absolute nonsense. Time to realign myself and get back to some sort of routine, half term has just thrown it all out of the window!”

Additionally, Clapton asserted that she was feeling down and needed to shift the mood which might be caused by the ongoing measurements due to Covid-19 pandemic, such as lockdown, and continued:

Today has been rubbish, got loads done in my house and just in general but I’m absolutely wiped! Just generally felt down today, glad I got through it but just really hope I can shift the mood. Lockdown and covid and the weather can just do one!”

You can see the tweets Ruth Clapton posted on her Twitter account below.