Ruth Clapton, who is the daughter of legendary guitarist Eric Clapton, took to her official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed her reaction about the recent announcement of Trump for the elections.

Laura Kuenssberg, who is the political editor of BBC News, rejected the claims of Trump on Twitter, which was saying that he already won the election and claiming that there was a fraud going on.

After reading this tweet of Laura, Ruth wanted to share her opinion about the current process of the United States presidential elections, and it seems like Ruth didn’t get surprised at all.

In the tweet, Ruth stated that it is now all clear to see that there are lots of lies spoken by the 45th president of the United States and criticized Donald Trump for his actions in this way.

Here is what Laura Kuenssberg:

“Trump says he has already won and that there is ‘a fraud’ going on – remember millions of votes have not yet been counted – it is just not credible to make that claim, there is no evidence of such a ‘fraud’ and it is incredible such claims being made from the White House.”

Ruth Clapton replied:

“Here we go then, lies lies from tiny eyes!”

You can read the tweets below.