The iconic blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton, posted a photo on her Instagram account and shed light on a matter that she had been trying to keep a secret for a long time.

Blogger Ruth Clapton announced some major decisions she has made, through her social media account. Her latest Instagram post shocked hundreds of people, most of whom decided to show their support for her.

As you may recall, Ruth Clapton is married to Dean Bartlett and the couple has two children, Isaac and Theodore. However, it seems like ‘is’ is going to turn to ‘was’ as she recently revealed that the couple has decided to get a divorce.

Just some hours ago, Ruth shared a picture with her two kids on Instagram, with which she announced what has been going on in her family. She said that they struggled with Dean while reaching the decision to get a divorce, but that their common wish is for both of them to be happy, even if it is with each other.

Ruth went on to say that they will keep working together to co-parent their children and ensure that their divorce doesn’t affect them. She also shared her best wishes towards people who are going through the same thing and asked for suggestions and advice, as people learn a lot from each other.

Ruth Clapton ended her big declaration by saying ‘we can learn from each other about how to ride these storms and make it out the other side much more than just alive but thriving.’ The last line of her heartfelt statement led dozens of people to reply to her with messages of support, love, and compassion.

Here’s what Ruth Clapton said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“I’ve tried to stay private about what’s been going on for my family and me the last few months because it’s been a strange and difficult time but I feel it’s time to address my reality. There’s really no easy way to say this but I am about to navigate my way through a divorce, it’s a decision that neither of us has taken lightly and all we want for each other is happiness even if that can’t be achieved together. We will continue to work together to co-parent our children and I hope we can do that well.”

She continued by saying:

“Sometimes things end, it’s sad but I’m hopeful that we will both go on to live positive, happy lives filled with love. Peace and love to anyone else going through similar situations, so much we can learn from each other about how to ride these storms and make it out the other side much more than just alive but thriving.”

You can check out the photo that Ruth Clapton posted on her Instagram account below.