The iconic blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton, recently posted a story on her Instagram account and shared her views on how live performances can be brought back which goes hand in hand with her father’s new song on COVID-19 measures.

As you probably know, Eric Clapton recently released a song named ‘Stand and Deliver‘ in collaboration with the Northern Irish musician Van Morrison. The song is a protest against the United Kingdom government’s COVID-19 regulations and lockdown.

The song was praised by some and criticized by others and even though it was released just yesterday, it has already been censored by numerous websites. The lyrics asking ‘Do you wanna be a free man, Do you wanna be a slave?’ perfectly reflect the mood of Clapton’s latest song.

Dick Turpin, who was referred to within Clapton’s song, used to be an 18th century English highwayman whose crimes were romanticized after he was executed for horse theft. Relating the protective masks that people have to wear in public due to COVID-19 to a historical highwayman, may have been Eric’s attempt to show that there is another way.

Just some hours ago, Ruth Clapton posted a story on her Instagram account and shared her views on government regulations. After listening to her mother, Yve Robinson, on BBC Radio, Ruth said that she too could see that there is an alternative to how things are now.

Ruth said that she feels like there is a plan which they need to work on so that it becomes a reality. As the music and art industry has taken a hit, Ruth said that government funding might help these industries survive. However, the plan she was talking about aimed to bring back live shows, concerts, and theatre performances back in a safe environment.

Here’s what Ruth Clapton said about bringing back live performances:

“Just listened to my mom on BBC Radio Sheffield, sounding super positive as always, and it was an inspiration. She was just discussing how lockdown is affecting the arts and theater and yeah, I guess I’d like to see a plan. Like, if we can help those industries more with government funding and handouts and whatever.

Maybe we can think of a plan that we can viably put on live shows or theater shows where it’s safe. It’s a safe environment. So I’m sure that there’s a way of doing that, and it’s just a matter of actually sitting down and hashing out and coming up with a plan.”

So as not to attract any criticism, Ruth made it clear that she is not the all-knowing person who will come up with the plan. She stated that she has never put on a show, she is a mother and she does not work in the government.

However, Clapton added that even though she is not a person in a position of power, she can see that this problem could be resolved with a plan that people just need to think about and work on. It seems like Ruth agrees with her father’s protest against government restrictions affecting the music and arts industry.

She went on to say:

“To make it clear, I don’t even know what I’m really talking about. I’m a mom of two, I’ve never put on a show, I’m not in government but I just feel like maybe we’re missing a trick and there is a way around this, but we just haven’t had the conversation.”

You can watch the story that Ruth posted and listen to Eric Clapton’s latest song below.