The daughter of blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton breathed fire on Instagram after receiving lots of negative reactions about her private life and divorcement and announced that she will be blocking the people who leave a negative comment on her posts from now on.

As you may know, the talented singer and blogger, Ruth Clapton, had been happily married to Dean Bartlett up until this year. The couple, who has two sons, Isaac and Theodore, has lately gone through a divorce process.

After Ruth gave the bad news on Instagram a few days back, she got some discouraging messages, as well as highly supportive ones. Ruth Clapton explained that she’s tried to stay private about what’s been going on for her family, yet, she felt it’s time to address her reality.

She revealed that it’s a decision that neither of them has taken lightly and they both want the happiness of each other even if that can’t be achieved together. Upon being criticized for her heartbreaking statement on social media, Ruth has penned another one, implying she’s had enough.

In her recent story, Ruth Clapton said that she has had a fair amount of negative comments this weekend. She continued and emphasized the fact that she has not asked for anyone’s opinion on anything that she’s posted.

While explaining that there is a lot of unchartered territories that she’s been going through in her life right now, Ruth warned her haters by saying she will block each of them. She ended her words thanking her followers for their supportive messages.

Here’s what Ruth Clapton said in her recent story on Instagram:

“I have had a fair amount of negative comments this weekend and I’m just putting it out there that I am not getting into any kind of conversation with anyone who does that anymore.

I have not asked for anyone’s opinion on anything that I’ve posted so I’m not sure why it’s been given but from this point onwards I will just be blocking anyone who leaves a negative comment.”

She continued:

“I am going through a lot right now, in some areas of my life I am happier than I’ve ever been but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot of unchartered territories that I’m going through and it’s tough, so the last thing I need really is any kind of judgment or negativity.

Peace and love to you all and thank you for the supportive messages and comments I’ve received, they really are appreciated.”

You can see the story below.

Photo Credits: Ruth Clapton – Instagram Stories