After the death of George Floyd, most of the people protested the violence of policemen to the black community and stand against racism. While the people still looking for justice for George Floyd, unfortunately, there is another case that happened recently.

Another black person, named Jason Blake, was killed by police officers in the car, and the whole world was devastated after this news. Later on, people started to seek justice and protest the racism again on both social media and in the streets.

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter and blog writer, Ruth Clapton, send her condolences to the Black family by sharing a post on her official Instagram account and showed her support to the black people.

In the caption, Ruth asked when these devastating deaths will come to an end and mentioned that peaceful protests not working because black people are still being murdered. Also, Ruth prayed for Jason’s soul and showed her support to his family and friends.

Here is what Ruth Clapton captioned:

“When will this end. Peacefully protesting clearly isn’t working.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jason Blake’s family and friends.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram