The iconic guitarist Eric Clapton‘s daughter Ruth Clapton-Bartlett responded to a follower’s question wondering her feelings about being related to her father’s success and she revealed the annoying topic was actually her personal relationship with him.

The legendary rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton‘s 35-year-old daughter Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has been happily married to Dean Bartlett the couple has two lovely sons, Isaac and Theodore. Ruth has been working on her personal blog for a while now.

Recently, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett started a Q&A with her fans and followers via Instagram stories. The fans asked questions about her personal life as well as her relationship with her father. A fan wanted to know whether she felt overwhelmed by the comparison of her achievements with her father’s ‘success and notoriety’ by asking:

“Do you get tired/frustrated being associated with your father’s success/notoriety?”

As a response, Ruth revealed that she wasn’t feeling any frustration about being related to the achievements of her parents. However, she mentioned there was only one topic she was asked constantly and made her feel uncomfortable. Apparently, the question of how often she got to see her father was a pretty popular question and Ruth was sick of hearing it.

Here’s how Ruth Clapton-Bartlett responded to the fan’s question:

I’m so proud of him as I am my Mum for her achievements too. I don’t get frustrated with the association at all, what I get frustrated about is that there is one question I get asked over and over again and to me, it’s quite a silly question because I would never ask of it someone else.

It’s ‘Do you see him often?‘ Well of course I do, I see him as often as you see your Dad when you live 200 miles away from him and you love him. I just would never ask a random person that question about their parents so I find it weird that people ask me! Nobody has asked me that question today so that’s a bonus.”

You can see the statement Ruth Clapton-Bartlett posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton-Bartlett – Instagram