Eric Clapton, the British rock and blues guitarist, did not share anything about the death of his drummer Jamie Oldaker, who passed away at the age of 68 due to cancer in the past few days.

Oldaker contributed a lot to the rock and metal music industries during his life. He played not only for Clapton, but also for many names including Bob Seger, Leon Russell, Peter Frampton, Freddie King, Ace Frehley’s Comet, and more.

Recently, Oldaker’s death was commemorated by Ace Frehley on Instagram. The social media team of Frehley shared a post to remember Oldaker on behalf of Frehley. To see the details you can check out our previous news.

On the other hand, Eric Clapton’s silence on social media drew attention while other musicians said a few things. However, it can also be noticed that Clapton shared his latest post on Instagram long ago, on June 27. His silence has been continuing since then and it is clear that Clapton did not intend to cause any controversy.

Update: The news about a letter penned by Clapton was shared on the official website of the musician on July 17. Eric Clapton expressed his feelings with the loss of his longtime friend and former drummer Jamie Oldaker. According to the news, Eric Clapton’s statement was provided to the press by the Oldaker family. You can see Clapton’s letter here.

You can see on the screenshot below the latest Instagram posts of Clapton.

Photo Credit: Eric Clapton – Instagram