Testament guitarist Eric Peterson recently appeared as a guest on Sobre La Dosis YouTube channel and reflected on how he feels for Testament to be the savior of thrash.

Being one of the most influential bands of the thrash metal scene, Testament has released thirteen studio albums up to this date. The band is mainly praised for the high quality of their albums. They are often credited as one of the ‘big eight’ of thrash metal alongside Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, and Death Angel.

The band released their latest album, ‘Titans of Creation,’ in 2020, and they’ve been currently thinking about recording a new album with Dave Lombardo, who recently rejoined the group. Testament will hit the road in the summer of 2022 for an extensive European tour that will start on July 9 and end on August 21.

During his recent interview, the band’s guitarist Eric Peterson was asked about his feelings on Testament’s place in the thrash metal scene. Peterson explained that it feels excellent to be regarded as the saviors of thrash, and he is very proud of what they’ve produced so far.

For him, the critical point in this issue is their determination to remain loyal to their formula and own genre from beginning to today. He accepts that they tried to explore new things at some points, but they never left their thrash roots.

Eric Peterson’s statements on how Testament became thrash’s savior read:

“I guess Testament’s career, looking back at all our records, we pretty much stuck to our formula and never really faltered to any other genres or tried to do too much out of what we did from the beginning. So it feels really good looking back at what we’ve done; I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done. I mean up to our last record to our first, very heavy and sticking to thrash metal for sure, exploring with more melodies and stuff, but it feels good.”

You can watch the entire interview below.