Evanescence recently posted a photo-update on their official Instagram account and revealed that they have been getting ready to release a documentary about the making of their new album The Bitter Truth‘ but informed their fans that it’s going to take longer than expected as they are trying to make it available globally.

As you know, Evanescence had released their latest album ‘Synthesis’ back in 2017, and after that, there hadn’t been any news considering a new album. However, in 2020, the band announced that they have started working on their new album in the midst of a global pandemic and had described this process as healing.

The band’s fifth studio album ‘The Bitter Truth’ was finally released on March 26, and it has already achieved widespread critical acclaim. A day ago, Evanescence also shared a trailer of their upcoming documentary named ‘Evanescence: Embracing The Bitter Truth‘ and announced that it will be released soon via The Coda Collection, the music-centric streaming channel on Amazon Prime Video.

The documentary explores the creation of their latest album, starting from their last live performance in December 2019, to ‘its literal destruction by fire.’ While fans had been excitedly waiting for the release of the documentary, Evanescence announced that they’ve been trying to do their best to make the documentary available globally and that it might take some time to make it work.

Here’s what Evanescence said their update:

“We’ve been working closely with Coda and Amazon to make this documentary available globally. Thanks for your patience, we should have some good news for you shortly.”

This is what was written in the description below the trailer on YouTube:

The quarantinecreation of our new album is chronicled in our new documentary, ‘Evanescence: Embracing The Bitter Truth,’ directed by Adam Jones and out today via The Coda Collection, the music-centric streaming channel on Amazon Prime Video. Capturing the album’s genesis from our last (planned) live show in December 2019 and its literal destruction by fire to the mostly-remote mixing and completion processes, the documentary is necessary viewing for fans and anyone looking to understand the art behind the art of the pandemic era.”

Click here to check out the update and you can watch the trailer below.