Amy Lee, the co-founder and lead vocalist of Evanescence, shared a post on her official Instagram page about the upcoming presidential election in the United States of America and stressed the importance of voting.

The US lags far behind most other developed countries when it comes to voter turnout. Only 55.7% of Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election, and even less of the population, 36.4%, voted in 2014, according to the Pew Research Center.

While there are many reasons for this situation, celebrities and everyone who has an influence on society tries to spread awareness through social media accounts by stating that every citizen must vote in order to keep democracy alive and in order to be heard.

Recently, frontwoman Amy Lee shared a post on her official Instagram account and stressed the importance of voting for the elections and the country once again. Lee stated that the change is a must and everyone who feels like one vote does not change anything, it does, according to Lee.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“For anybody out there who hasn’t voted yet, for anybody who isn’t motivated enough or feels like one voice doesn’t matter: we need you. We need to heal. We cannot defeat this virus without a leader who accepts that it is real and it is killing people. Nearly 1/4 million of us have died and it’s not going away by ignoring it. We are better than this. It’s time to move forward together in reality. In truth. We desperately need change. Every voice counts. Use yours!

You can see the Instagram post down below.

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