Evanescence recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account and announced that they have been working on yet another project which will ‘explore new worlds’ inspired by the music that they create, and in specific through ‘The Bitter Truth.’

As you already know, Evanescence released their highly anticipated fifth studio album ‘The Bitter Truth‘ on March 26, 2021, and it has already achieved widespread critical acclaim. It is the band’s first album since ‘Synthesis’ which was released in 2017, and it has great sentimental value for the band members, as they’ve incorporated their challenging experiences into the lyrics they’ve created.

Just over a week ago, Evanescence had announced that their upcoming documentary named ‘EvanescenceEmbracing The Bitter Truth will be released really soon via The Coda Collection, the music-centric streaming channel on Amazon Prime Video. However, it seems like the band cannot stop themselves from working on new projects as with their latest post, they revealed that they’ve also started creating their graphic anthology series.

Recently, Evanescence posted a beautiful artwork featuring a beautiful but sad woman on their official Instagram account and announced that they’ve collaborated with ‘Heavy Metal’ to create their own graphic anthology series. These anthologies will ‘explore new worlds inspired by our music’ and the first of the five books named ‘Echoes from the Void‘ is now available for pre-order.

Here’s what Evanescence said in the caption of their recent post:

“We are stoked on our new collaboration with Heavy Metal to create our graphic anthology series. Explore new worlds inspired by our music: ‘Echoes from the Void,’ the 1st of 5 editions is available for pre-order now! Get yours today before they run out at the link in bio.”

You can read the description of ‘Echoes from the Void’ on Incendium below:

“‘Echoes from the Void’ is a fantasy Graphic Anthology Series, begins with story themes based on songs from their upcoming March 26th release ‘The Bitter Truth.’ This comic is available in limited-edition, includes two stories inspired by the songs ‘Better Without You’ and ‘Wasted On You,’ from the forthcoming Evanescence album with tales written by Carrie Lee South and Blake Northcott (Arena Mode Saga, DC’s Catwoman). The issue will feature illustrations from Hugo Award-winning artist Abigail Larson and highly-esteemed painter Kelly McKernan.”

You can check out the photo Evanescence posted on Instagram below and click here to have a look at ‘Echoes from the Void.’

Photo Credit: Evanescence – Instagram