Evanescence frontwoman, Amy Lee recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and talked about the great video call that she had with two devoted fans who had the chance to listen to the bands newly released single prior to anybody else.

As you may recall, back at the beginning of 2020, Evanescence had announced that their new album ‘Bitter Truth‘ would be released within the year. However, the release date was sadly postponed, due to the ongoing pandemic. Nonetheless, the band still released five singles which really excited their fans who have been at the edge of their seat waiting for the band’s new album.

Their latest single ‘Better Without You‘ was released less than a day ago but as it turns out, there were some people who had the chance to listen to the track before the rest of the world. Some weeks ago, there was a puzzle on Evanescence’s official webpage, and by solving the puzzle correctly, each fan got the chance to enter a lucky draw. The winner of the lucky draw would get the chance to do a private Q&A with Amy Lee and listen to their new single before it was released.

Amy Lee apparently kept her promise and did a video call with the two winners of the competition. In the caption of her post, she thanked them for the delightful chat while saying that it felt really good to play ‘Better Without You’ for her fans. As the song was still not released then, she also said that she can’t wait until the release date Friday, March 5, so, we’ll soon see how she feels now that it has been released.

Here’s what Amy Lee said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“Ok, it felt SO good to play Better Without You‘ for these two rad ladies on our zoom hang today! This is what it looks like when you solve a puzzle AND win the lottery! 😂Thanks for the sweet chat, guys! I forgot to get your Instagram handles so just tell me it’s you in the comments (bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!). I cant wait till FRIDAY!”

Click here to check out the photo that Amy Lee posted on her Instagram account and you can listen to Evanescence’s new EP ‘Better Without You‘ below.