Amy Lee, the frontwoman of the legendary band Evanescence, revealed the band’s early days, their first album Fallen, and how iconic band Korn supported them while they were touring together back then during an interview with FM99 WNOR.

Fallen was the debut studio album by Evanescence and released on 4 March 2003. It is the band’s most commercially successful album to date, selling over 8 million copies in the United States and over 17 million copies worldwide. Fallen was one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century.

During a recent interview, Amy Lee opened up about the beginning of Evanescence’s career and stated that Fallen was a huge deal pretty quickly and while the band was still learning, Korn was there to help when asked about which band helped them out the most when coming up through the ranks.

Here is how Lee answered:

“Oh, that’s a good one. I’m thinking… Korn – for sure; and part of it is learning, this learning on-tour when we came out with our first album and it was quickly a thing.

It happened quickly for us once it came out, the venues started growing more and more, and we’d played only a handful of shows ever. We were still becoming like, ‘OK, let’s figure out how to do this.’ We were still learning – it was such a different time.”

And she continued:

“So, you go on such tours and you learn how things work from people that you get to tour with. I remember touring with Korn, a couple of times in our early days, and they were really kind to us.

I felt like having their support and endorsement – even from such an incredibly powerful and also incredibly heavy band with vastly a lot of men that like it. I love Korn, that is something that I loved even before we made it, they were big to us!

So, to be totally led into the club by them, embraced by them, brought on tour, even to be invited to their performance to be a part in – like their ‘Unplugged,’ that was really cool.

And we’ve played too many shows to count since then, and they definitely did something positive to us in the beginning.”

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