Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee was recently interviewed by Lauryn Schaffner of Loudwire this week, and she talked about the band’s latest studio album named ‘The Bitter Truth’ as well as how the loss of her brother affected the album.

Evanescence released their fifth studio album ‘The Biter Truth‘ via BMG Records two months ago and it’s their first album since releasing ‘Syntheis’ back in 2017. The band released four singles from the album so far and the latest ever single album named ‘Better Without You’ in March.

As you may remember, back in 2018, Amy Lee’s brother Robby Lee passed away from this world at just the age of 24 after battling severe epilepsy since he was 7. In her latest-ever interview, Evanescence frontwoman was asked about the presence of her late brother on ‘The Bitter Truth.’ Amy began her words by admitting that Robby is all over the album.

Here is what she said next:

“It changes you. It really does, when you lose someone that you love so much. It’s not something that heals, it’s not something you get over. It’s a part of you now.

You have to learn to live with the new you. A big part of who I am is being a big sister and having him in my life, that’s just part of my identity. So to have to look at this big part of yourself and go, ‘OK, that part of me is gone… or is it gone, and what does that mean?’

We had a life together. We knew each other for years. He’s part of who I’ve been since I was 12 years old.”

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