Evanescence founder and the frontwoman, Amy Lee, was recently interviewed by Cartel Del Metal last week and talked about the band’s recently released album as well as how Knotfest Meets Forecast was canceled due to safety issues.

As you may remember, Evanescence released their latest and fifth studio album ‘The Bitter Truth’ back in March and it’s the band’s first album after releasing ‘Synthesis’ four years ago. The album reached many milestones in album charts in a really short time, and the band is about to make a new tour with Halestorm to promote their new album.

In her latest interview with Cartel Del Metal, Amy remembered the ‘devastating’ memory she and her bandmates had in Mexico two years ago. You may remember that Evanescence had to cancel their sets at Knotfest Mexico in 2019 after their stage equipment damaged and set on fire. According to Lee, it was one of the most heartbreaking of her life and she still feels sad about it.

Here is what she said:

“We were so devastated — before anything caught fire. It was just so heartbreaking to have come all the way there. We love Mexico; it’s like a special treat [to go there]. We had Thanksgiving here [in the U.S.]; it’s like a big holiday in America. So we all were home with our families for Thanksgiving, and then the very next morning all got on planes and were going to Mexico and really excited for the show. And it takes a lot of work to set it up. We rehearsed for, like, a week.

We had this whole thing planned. We were gonna play ‘The Chain’ for the first time — everything. And then to be there all dressed and ready to go, and to see the situation just not happen… The barricades weren’t secure. The fans were excited, and the more people move, as the night goes on, the more the barricades were coming apart and they were hurting people. If we came out there, it would have hurt people.”

She continued:

“It’s a matter of safety. You always have to make that right choice when you’re bringing thousands of people together. There’s an element of that. It was just a really hard thing to sit there for hours, hoping they could fix the situation, waiting to go on and then have to know that they couldn’t do it, and to drive away and see all of our stuff and all those people…

We drove past as all the people were hearing the announcement that we weren’t gonna make it, and they were just standing there and listening, and you could see our set, and it was, like, ready to go. It was heartbreaking. And then later, of course, there was a riot — way, way, way later on in the night — and stuff got burned. That sucked too. But we were never angry at our fans. I hope they all know how much we love them… It was just a horrible situation.”

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