Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura spoke in the recent interview with ‘The Metal Gods Meltdown’ and revealed his thoughts about the people who are filming the concerts.

In the conversation, Jen said that she doesn’t like this behavior at all because it blocks the view of other people. Also, Jen stated she can sympathize with this generation and explained why she is not mad at those people.

Furthermore, Jen compared how they were enjoying the concert at the time with this behavior and said that they are missing the moment.

Here is what Jen Majura said:

“That being said, I fucking hate cell phones in my face all the time, because I’m totally old school. I would go to a concert and freak the hell out and just sing along and dance and have a great time and experience the whole thing. And I do not really understand, that will give me a lot of enemies now again, but I don’t really understand people who would…

My arm sometimes hurts when I watch them holding the phone the whole show. So I’m not a big fan of behaving like that, because, first of all, you block the view for others, who maybe just wanna enjoy and sing along and dance. And also, you’re missing the moment.”

Jen Majura continued:

“But I guess that’s something only older people — not older people, but people from my generation, we used to grow up with going to concerts and bracing ourselves for a whole night of having a great time, singing along and jumping and dancing. And you would come back home after a show and be completely exhausted. And nowadays a lot of kids go to those shows and they just stand still the whole time holding their fucking phone.

I kind of get it, because they were born into this media-overload world, so they don’t know better. But I wouldn’t judge them, that’s why I’m saying it’s not their fault; they don’t know it different. So maybe that’s their way to enjoy a concert, you just stand there until your arm almost falls off your body, and then you would go back home, put your phone to the computer and watch the whole concert on your screen at home while you eat some nachos. I don’t know. Maybe that’s the new enjoyment for young people to see a concert.”

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