During a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, Evanescence’s iconic frontwoman Amy Lee talked about the band’s new album and opened up about her personality while discussing how their previous recordings actually inspired her while making this album.

As you know, Evanescence fans have been excitedly awaiting the band’s upcoming album ‘Bitter Truth‘ which will be released on March 26. The band has already released six singles from their new album and the latest one ‘Better Without You,’ which was released on March 5.

During a recent interview, Amy Lee talked about the upcoming album, her sources of inspiration, and her place in the metal scene. As you may recall, in previous interviews, Amy Lee had disclosed that the songs featured in ‘Bitter Truth’ are all derived from personal experiences and traumas and that it can be seen as her journey through pain and heartbreak.

However, some of the songs are also quite aggressive and vicious in tone, which led the interviewer to point out that Amy Lee definitely looks like a person that you shouldnt piss off, to which Amy Lee responded by saying that this is exactly why she fits into metal categories.

Here’s what Amy Lee said:

“Thanks! I dont fit into metal categories for nothin‘!”

Later in the interview, Amy Lee talked about the things that she had been doing, during the repetitive days of COVID-19, which ended up turning into inspirations for Evanescence’s new album. One of them was checking out the old audio and video recordings that she had stored in her attic.

Fearing that they would get lost as they only exist physically, Amy Lee decided to save her old recordings from extinction by converting these old cassettes to digital documents. This process apparently really helped Amy see things from a new perspective and reminded her of their identity as a band.

This is what she said in the interview:

“It’s just making me zoom out and see my life as a whole. It’s been really, really fascinating, and jogged my memory about a lot of things. So that actually influenced me in some of this writing and seeing things from a new perspective, but also seeing them how they were.”

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