Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee posted a short part from her cover of The Beatles’ ‘Across The Universe,’ which was released a short time ago, as a tribute to her late brother Robbie on her Instagram account.

Amy Lee’s brother Robbie had epilepsy and was diagnosed when he was seven years old. Sadly, he passed away on January 5, 2018, at the age of 24. In her statement following his death, Lee stated that he was her best friend, who had a kind soul, and their time together was precious. Her mourning and heartbreak inspired her in the creation of Evanescence’s latest album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ as she channeled all her feelings into her songwriting.

Following Robbie’s heartbreaking loss, during the band’s tour to promote their fourth studio album entitled ‘Synthesis,’ the frontwoman covered The Beatles’ ‘Across The Universe‘ to honor her late brother as he was a huge fan of the band. Although this recording had never surfaced before and remained a private tribute to her beloved brother, her cover was released as official audio on December 17, 2021.

In her recent IG post, Lee shared her feelings saying that she loves singing the song because she can feel the presence of the loved ones she lost, especially her brother Robbie. She emphasized that even death cannot stop real love and paid tribute to him. Amy Lee also thanked Tim Cantor, whose artwork was used in Evanescence’s Beatles cover.

Lee’s IG post read:

“Performing ‘Across the Universe’ became my favorite part of the night when we were touring ‘Synthesis.’ Every word speaks straight to my soul, and singing it feels so good. Like my spirit lifts out of my body. I feel the presence of the ones I’ve lost, especially my brother. Robby was a massive fan of The Beatles, and this cover was for him.

‘Nothing’s gonna change my world’ to me means nothing can tear us apart. Ever. Not even death. Because real love is forever. Listening to the recording now brings me right back to that beautiful feeling, and it makes me very happy to see you enjoying it too.

This beautiful artwork by Tim Cantor hangs in my house. From the moment I saw it, I connected with it in a spiritual way.”

She added:

“Out of the thorns grows this beautiful tree, reaching up toward the light with everything in its being till its petals defy gravity towards heaven. Just like I feel the song moving me. I was shocked when I asked for permission to use the artwork and was told the artist was an Evanescence fan, who had been moved by my work too, and was more than happy to let us use it for this release. Love connects us all if we let it.

Sending mine out to all of you.”

You can listen to the songs below.