Evanescence founder and the frontwoman, Amy Lee, was recently interviewed by Mark Daniell of Toronto Sun this week and talked about the latest studio album of the band ‘The Bitter Truth’ as well as the band’s loyal fans that supported them for many years.

As you might already follow Evanescence, the band released their latest-ever studio album ‘The Bitter Truth’ on March 26, 2021. The album features twelve never-released-before tracks, including four special tracks for Target Exclusive Edition and Japanese Edition. The album was released by BMG Rights Management Records and it’s the first studio album of the band after releasing their fourth studio album ‘Synthesis’ in 2017.

In her latest interview with Toronto Sun this week, Amy Lee stated that the album was recorded over the last year during the self-quarantine, and there are many tracks that she’s eager to perform in front of fans, including the eleventh track of the album, ‘Part Of Me.’

She also shared what she thinks about their loyal fans who supported them despite not releasing anything new for four years.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“There’s a new song called Part of Me. It just starts and you’re in it. I sing that song in my car and I flip to that song most often these days.

We went through our old songs, and I think that was important for all the other guys in the band because none of them were there then. After that groundwork was laid, then it was like, ‘OK, we know who we were, we know who we are, now let’s find out what the future is.”

She continued:

“We have millions of fans all over the world who have been loyal to us, even in the years we didn’t have an album coming out. That has made it worth something more than just pleasing myself. It makes it more special for me.”

You can listen to the ‘Part of Me’ below and click here for the source.