Evanescence’s beautiful icon Amy Lee posted a TikTok video of herself on the band’s official Instagram account, announcing some exciting news related to the fan versions of their song ‘Wasted On You’.

On April 24, 2020, Evanescence released the official video of their new song ‘Wasted On You’. The music video was filmed by the band members on their iPhones in isolation. Many of their fans made their own versions of the video.

On the caption of the Instagram post they wrote:

“On a Monday we lost our minds and started a TikTok account, 😵 calling all fans to help us create the official “Wasted On You” fan video!”

They also added:

“You can create a video from any platform and submit here for a chance to be in it! No need to do a whole video, just send your favorite clips.”

In the video, Amy Lee was mesmerizing with her gorgeous eyes. As transcribed by Metalheadzone, she announced:

“Hey TikTok! We have been loving the fan versions of our new video for ‘Wasted On You’ so much that we are making a second video featuring all of you.”

She explained what the video is going to be like:

“What is quarantine life like at your house? Show us what you have been doing and don’t forget to include the song in the video.

Post to TikTok and submit by sending it to the link in our bio.”

The fans of Evanescence were very enthusiastic about the announcement and they were commenting about Amy Lee as well.

Camilinha Ignacio was quick to join in:

“I sent my video yesterday! Crossing fingers to be picked ♡”

Lace said:

“Sent mine in!! Love you Amy!”

Jose Angel Sabastro praised her voice:

“If we could hear Angels… They would sound just like you 🙏🙏🙏 Heavenly Voice”

You can see Evanescence’s Instagram post below.