Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee has talked in the recent conversation with Loudwire Nights and shared her opinion about coronavirus.

For over three months, one of the most infectious diseases in the world has started to spread to the world, from Wuhan, China. According to WHO, more than 90.000 cases have been confirmed and the number of deaths reached around 3.000 in the world.

After this coronavirus outbreak hit the world, most of the community has been affected directly or indirectly. Most of the people couldn’t join events that have crowds or groups like sports, trips, exhibitions, shows and more.

In the conversation, the interviewer was wondering what Amy Lee thinks about Evanescence’s upcoming concert in Japan, which is one of the most dangerous countries about the coronavirus.

Here is what Loudwire Nights asked:

“You have a performance in Japan in just a couple of weeks, and as we speak there’s a ship quarantined in Japan holding 3,700 people due to coronavirus concerns. How closely are you monitoring this situation?”

Amy Lee responded:

“I feel like I am surrounded by people who are. I mean, have my best interests in mind, and they’re not gonna put me in a dangerous situation. I feel like it’s gonna be safe, but it’s just tragic.

That’s another part of the inspiration of everything going on and why it’s such a good time for me to be making music is because suddenly, the whole world is going apart.”

She continued:

“There’s just something all the time, and it just is not letting up. Praying for those people, I really am; I hope that we can, I mean, I don’t know, it makes you feel like petty being an artist sometimes.

Like, ‘Cool, let me go sing my song’ – like that’s important. But at the same time, hope is important, so if there’s anything that we can do to just be a little tiny speck of hope, then maybe that’s still good.”

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