The iconic frontwoman and co-founder of Evanescence, Amy Lee, was the latest interview of KLAQ’s Lisa Sanchez and talked about the new age stars like Taylor Momsen and Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale and how does it affect her to be a role model.

After announcing the new collaboration with the British rock band, Bring Me the Horizon, for their upcoming EP, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror,’ all Evanescence fans are waiting for the new album of the band named ‘The Bitter Truth.’

While Evanescence is preparing to release the album before 2020, Amy Lee talked about how does it feel being a role model for the rise and coming stars and does it make her sense of pressure to continue living up to that role or if she is just kind of proud of it.

Let’s see what Amy Lee told about it:

“I don’t know if I know my role. All we can really do is focus on the future, doing the best that we can at what we do. I love making music and it’s been something that’s been really fulfilling in my life.

And I never could have expected how it would go, or that I would be here now or any of this. I am eternally grateful for what it’s given to me – it’s like my diary, it’s like a place where I can really pour all of my thoughts and feelings, and somehow it feels safe to say anything and everything that I can’t always see in real life in the music.”

She continued:

“And that has become something that I have gotten to see in other people, speaking to them on a level that they maybe can’t talk about it either or don’t have an outlet for it. And we’ve made connections with people all over the world.

I wasn’t trying to do that, it’s something that happened through me trying to heal my own wounds, and then we found this just world of other people that are just like us. And that’s just been an amazing journey that I’ve gotten to take with the stands.”

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