Evanescence singer Amy Lee was interview by Metal Hammer for recent issue of the magazine, and talked about her thoughts on metal music.

She praised Pantera’s Cowboy From Hell album and said:

“Pantera! ‘Cowboys From Hell.’ That to me is the best metal. I’ve had phases in my life where metal is the thing, but even when it’s not so much, throughout the course of time when bands come and go, there is nothing like their sound, that feeling.

It’s Dime, he was just incredible. There was something very special about that man.”

Asked to single out the album she wishes she’d made, Amy said:

“That’s a hard question! Oh man, The Downward Spiral. I want so many things out of music, but if that was my record…

I could sing that whole thing and be very happy. I have all of NIN’s records, but … ‘Downward Spiral’ is my favorite.”

She also revealed the record she wants to be remembered by, and said:

“There’s a reason it’s called ‘Evanescence.’ We are so proud of it. On the first one we were still kids and trying out a lot of things – we wrote ‘My Immortal’ when I was 16 – and [2006 sophomore] ‘The Open Door’ was a departure in some ways. Growth makes you a better musician.”

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