Evanescence frontwoman who is considered one of the most talented female vocalists of the era, Amy Lee, was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer’s Ashley Oken this week and shared many things from her current political view to the release date of their upcoming album named ‘The Bitter Truth.’

As you might already know, Evanescence did not release a new album since they’ve released ‘Synthesis’ in 2017 while ‘The Bitter Truth’ will be their first-ever album with all-new songs since their self-titled album which was released in 2011.

As Evanescence has released four different singles from the upcoming album, fans are still curious about the exact release date of the album. You may already remember that Evanescence had announced that the album will be released before the end of 2020 but things did not end well for the band.

In his latest interview, Amy Lee exposed the reason why the album was delayed and what fans should expect from it.

Metal Hammer asked:

“It’s been nine years since Evanescence released an album of new songs. When will The Bitter Truth be finished?”

Amy Lee responded:

“I write slowly. I’ve painted myself into a corner with trying to finish the album while simultaneously releasing songs. The burning question is: When does the album come out? And I’ve been looking at it like it’s happening this whole time. With [the tour] on hold, we made a decision to just go [for it], because who knows if we have tomorrow?

And to start releasing our music, even though the record wasn’t done, and focus on writing at the same time, and make use of this time that we’re forced to have on our hands now. I’ve needed something to pour myself into and focus on.”

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