During the recent interview with Now This Entertainment, Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee shared her mental status during the self-quarantine days and revealed how to get through these rough times.

When Amy was asked if she has any advice for the people, Amy stated that she is struggling with her own issues in the outbreak, and it’s hard to give any advice while she in this position.

However, Amy couldn’t stop without showing her good heart for her followers. He responded to the question and shared some tips to get better in the self-quarantine and explained how to deal with anxiety.

Amy said that the key to beating anxiety is being a productive person. She explained this by saying that she overcame her issues by playing with the band and stated that everybody could win this fight against anxiety by even just making a pie.

Here is what Amy Lee wrote:

“I struggle with my own issues too. It’s hard to always give advice, because I think I know the right answers, but I don’t necessarily always do great.

Anxiety is a tough one right now, because we never know what’s gonna happen next really, but we kind of do. And right now we really don’t. It’s hard to know day to day, what are we gonna be doing later this year? I’m not really totally sure.”

She continued:

“Do something that makes you feel good, because you did something that’s outside of yourself. That’s what made me start the band — making music.

Because making something, whether it’s baking a pie or making a song, at the end of it, you feel really good because something exists that didn’t exist before you were there. So I think that creation in general is really healing — painting, baking, whatever.”

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