Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee saddened the community by announcing the passing of her friend Anna Lombardi via her official Instagram account.

In the post, Amy shared a picture of Anna, where she was sitting on the chair in the middle of the room and doing what she loves, drawings. Also, it’s clear to see that she was looking so warmful.

In the caption, Amy stated that her designer and friend Anna passed away and showed that she is devastated about this news. Moreover, Amy praised her talent and personality and mourned her death.

As Amy mentioned that Anna was such a wonderful person, she also pointed out that it feels like yesterday they were working together. Afterward, Amy thanked her for whatever Anna did for her and prayed for her soul.

Here is what Amy Lee wrote:

“Anna, you were so wonderful. It feels like only yesterday we were musing, designing and having fun in beautiful Italy. Our time together and our collaboration was so special to me and I’ll hold it in my heart always.

Thank you for your art and inspiration and creativity and light. I’m sorry we didn’t get more time, but I’m forever grateful for the time we had, and the magic we made. Rest In Peace, sweet friend.”

You can check out the picture that Amy shared below.

Photo Credit: Amy Lee – Instagram