Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee spoke in a recent interview with Billboard and explained why she revealed her political thoughts for the first time in the earlier days of this year.

As you might recall, Amy Lee talked politics for the first time by using her official Instagram account and criticized the government harshly. Amy stated that she couldn’t stand to the lies she saw almost every day by the authorities and wrote that the people of America need to be reunited against that.

In the conversation, Amy explained why she didn’t want to share her political view by saying that she wanted the music to be everybody’s free space that people have something in common, and that’s why she didn’t speak any politics until that day.

Also, Amy mentioned that even though she didn’t want to divide the fans, criticizing the government was necessary at that time. In this way, Amy showed that she didn’t like the way the government administrated the people of the United States.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“I’ve never really… spoken politically, or made any real statement about what I believe and what’s going on because I don’t like to divide the fans. I want the music to be our free place where we can all have something in common.

But sometimes things are just right and wrong, and you have feelings that can’t be held back. And if I’m gonna be true to myself and my music, like I always have been, then I have to say what’s heavy on my heart.”

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