During an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Evanescence frontwoman, Amy Lee shared her new approach towards life and revealed that she has found a way of not caring about the difficulties that life throws at her.

Evanescence had announced earlier this year that their new album ‘The Bitter Truth‘ will be released within 2020 and the fans are eagerly waiting for it any day now. As you may recall the band released the first single ‘Wasted on You’ of their highly anticipated album in April. They also released  ‘Use My Voice‘ and ‘The Game Is Over‘ during the summer.

As you may remember, Amy Lee’s brother passed away in 2018 which caused deep pain for the talented frontwoman, but also inspired the most personal lyrics of her career. In another interview, Amy Lee had said that her brother’s death hurt her so much that she  expressed her sadness and coped with his loss by writing the lyrics of ‘The Bitter Truth.’

The past years have been both difficult and happy for Amy Lee. As you may recall, Amy Lee became a mother in 2014, as she gave birth to her son Jack Lion. Later on, she experienced her brother’s loss and now she’s about to release a new album with Evanescence.

In her recent interview, she revealed that all the things she has experienced during the past years have shown her a new way of approaching life. Amy Lee says that the most important thing is perspective and to understand what matters and what doesn’t.

Here is what Amy Lee said during the interview:

“Perspective is huge. I’ve been through a lot as a human; this band has been through a lot as a band over all these years. To be here now and to recognize what it means to be here now…

I’ve had a lot of losses in my life. I had a son; I’m a mom now. A lot of things have happened since the last time we’ve put out an album, so there’s a lot to say. And there’s a lot happening in the world too.”

After all these experiences, Amy Lee says that she has gained a different type of strength and confidence which has helped her appreciate everything that she has and understand what she should keep fighting for. She says that one of the most important things is to learn to live in the moment.

This is what Amy Lee said in the interview:

“I feel a different kind of strength and confidence. After just having made it to this point, there’s a little bit of a new element of just not giving a shit. You kind of get to a point, after a certain point, where it’s just, like, enough is enough, and life is too short. So perspective has been good for that.

It’s also good just for knowing what to appreciate, knowing what things in your life are worth fighting for — being able to see how tough it can be and how wonderful it can be. Living in the moment is hugely important.”

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