Amy Lee, the iconic frontwoman of the Arkansas-based band Evanescence, has taken a TikTok video in which she invited her fans to vote in the upcoming presidential election in the US while referring to their latest single, ‘Use My Voice.’

As you might know, Evanescence has released a song called ‘Use My Voice’ on August 14, 2020, by BMG as the third single from the band’s fifth studio album, ‘The Bitter Truth.’ The song was written to celebrate the power of speaking out in order to promote a more just world.

In an interview for CBS This Morning, Lee stated that the first thing that inspired her on creating a song regarding public and political issues was a moment during the Stanford University sexual assault cases trial in which a victim said to her abuser that the only thing he could not take away was her voice.

After that, Lee considered that it had been hypocritical of her remaining silent about things that affect the world and decided to work on the song and being more explicit about politics.

As the presidential election in the US is getting closer, the official Instagram page of Evanescence has remarked on the significance of voting and once again reawakened their fans to use their voice with the remarkable video of Amy Lee.

In the TikTok video, Lee has been preserving her silence while pointing out the important messages on screen. She shows that she will use her voice because we need an adult in the White House, as well as a focus on the environment. She also emphasizes the Black Lives Matter movement and equal rights for every gender.

Here’s what was said in the latest Instagram post of Evanescence:

“How about you? Use my voice. Vote.”

In the video starring Amy Lee, it was said that:

“I will use my voice because we need an adult in the White House. We must focus on the environment. Black Lives Matter. Equal rights for every gender. How about you?

You can see the post and the music video of the song below.

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