As the whole world stuck in the home after the coronavirus outbreak, Amy Lee of Evanescence made a significant event for her followers and had a video chat with some of them.

As the Evanescence frontwoman shares a couple of screenshots from the video chats, she also showed how did she pen a banner for the fans to say it’s killing her to go on without supporters.

This rare screenshots of Amy got almost 30K likes in a short time, and one of the users who pushed the button was the iconic new-age star, Taylor Momsen.

Here is what she wrote:

“I loved hanging out with all of you! ❤️ Thank you for being there, I had so much fun talking with you and listening together.

“Wasted On You” is coming out all over the world at midnight in your timezone!

Get it here.”

An Instagram user named unknownwanderz commented on the post:

“Wonderful! And I have a question for you!!!! And its autistic related!!!! Once the music video drops.”

You may check out these rare pics below.

Photo Credit: Amy Lee – Instagram